Since 2004, Mexitaly has been proudly serving York, Pennsylvania's finest (and perhaps only) blend of Mexican and Italian foods. Without a doubt, our incredibly oversized "Monster" burritos are the must try selection on the Mexican side of our menu, but then again, many of you like our fabulous enchiladas with your choice of freshly made red ranchero or green tomatillo sauce, our fish tacos, our homemade Chorizo, our home brewed hot sauces... well, everyone has at least one favorite choice and there are many more.

On the Italian side of our menu you'll find a tantalizing selection of unique brick oven prepared pizza blends you probably haven't encountered elsewhere.


Sure, we have all the "classic" pizza toppings you're familiar with, but we've thrown a few more options into the mix for your culinary pleasure.

Or show your creative side and feel free to build your own custom creation from our extensive selection.


Freshly Prepared Ingredients

Fresh wholesome ingredients, authentic family recipes, hand crafted sauces, savory choices. Our food is always fresh, and always filling. You won't find anything bland about our food. Our whole purpose in being is to bring you a culinary experience that will keep you coming back.


Menu Coming Soon